Make money with SweetSocialLife


If you're looking to increase your earnings and add an additional revenue stream to your business, then using social media as a promotional tool is a great way to do so! By referring users to our site, you can receive 20% of every single deposit they make into the panel, allowing you to easily build up your profits over time.

Advertising us on social media sites, forums, and even among your friends are all great ways of getting valuable affiliates! By promoting our website online, you can ensure that more people become aware of the services we offer and have a greater chance of making deposits into our panel. It will help to increase your earnings.

The minimum affiliate payout is currently $100.00.

You can find your affiliate link in your panel.


Since all of our service are automated, this allows you to be able to resell our services to others who are unaware of SweetSocialLife.

You can create your own threads, advertise on social media or reach out to local businesses. Again, being creative can go a long way by doing this!

Example : We are selling IG followers for $0.1 / K, you can advertise those same followers for $1.00 / K. This can lead to huge margins as you will often sell more than one unit. Feel free to sell as many services as you like!